Urban San Antonio

What comes to mind when you think of a bed and breakfast?  A small cottage?  A cozy quilt-covered bed in front of a warm fireplace?  A window looking out over the countryside?  Well, how about a window that gazes upon historical buildings?  That’s right!  You can have the comfort and convenience of a bed and breakfast right in the middle of the city.

Urban bed and breakfasts are for those city lovers looking for some entertainment.  You can find them in even the most populated of areas.  Apartments, lofts, townhouses, and studios have all been used to host bed and breakfasts in the city.  It’s considered the best of both worlds by the inn keepers and guests alike.  Most suggest that staying at a b&b in the city is an unparalleled vacation experience.  One of those guests I met just recently at a local farmer’s market.  He suggested San Antonio as one of the best vacation experiences in the south, explaining that Southern hospitality is the absolute best, especially when combined with a big city atmosphere. Thanks to the San Antonio roofing company for the insider tip!

One of my favorite places to stay is the King William Historic district in San Antonio, Texas.   This area is steeped with beautiful and comfortable bed and breakfasts and it is just a few blocks from San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk.  Most of the buildings in this area are over 100 years old and are as historic and the landmarks that surround them.  Guests in this district will find that it is not only rich in history, but also in culture and art.  Bed and breakfasts in this area are full of antiques and historical pieces of art.  If you’re looking to spend some time learning Texas history, you’ll want to hit a couple of b&bs nearby the San Antonio area, especially the King William Cultural District.

While in San Antonio, visitors can check out the Alamo for some more history or the Riverwalk for some upbeat entertainment.  On the Riverwalk there are some of San Antonio’s best restaurants and shops as well as boat tours and walking trails.  You can find something for everyone in the beautiful San Antonio Texas!  Book your bed and breakfast today and dabble in everything it has to offer!


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