If you’re looking for a vacation full of hikes, fishing, campfires, and long quiet naps on the hammock without the pain of putting up the tent, constantly cleaning your eating space, and using the only bathroom mother nature provided, look no further than a small B&B.  You will have access to hiking trails, fishing gear, comfortable and clean sleeping quarters, and home-cooked meals.  And the best part?  You don’t have to do the dirty work!  Taking a vacation to a wooded area or forest almost always comes with great memories, but when you stay at a local B&B you will add simple and peaceful elements to your trip.  You can enjoy beautiful scenery, calming and natural sounds, and crisp fresh air without the hassle of camping.

B&B vs. Camping

Shelter: B&Bs provide temperature-controlled, fully equipped and furnished spaces to accommodate your stay in the woods.  All you will need to bring is your clothes and toiletries.  They have the beds, blankets, gear, and food. You will also have a host who will be responsible for all cooking and cleaning during your stay. Everything, including building a shelter, is your responsibility when you choose to go camping.  You must purchase, haul, unload, and set up tents for sleeping.  Also, the more people you have, the bigger the tent.  And the bigger the tent, the more frustrating and complicated.  This is a time-consuming and tedious task that will usually take more than one person.  Once you have set up your tent(s), you obviously will not have any temperature control inside.  This usually means it will either be burnin’ up in there or it will be as cold as a deep freezer.  You will mostly use this space for sleeping, but any time you go in or out you will bring in dirt and grass.  Yuck.

Activities: When you choose a B&B Inn you are choosing a carefree route.  They have all kinds of activities and pastimes available for guests to participate.  Depending on the location you can choose from archery, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and even group classes like cooking or yoga.  You don’t need to worry about supplies like gear or helmets.  Everything is provided when and where you need it.  No unnecessary hauling.  Camping is all about packing and hauling EVERYTHING you might possibly need, down to a sewing kit just in case your tent needs a ‘quick’ patch.  You will need to bring all elements of any activities or games you are planning.  To provide days of entertainment, you will need to bring A LOT of equipment.

Meals: Hosts at B&Bs will provide all meals and will clean up afterwards.  You will usually be given a weekly meal schedule and usually there will be two or three choices for most meals.  All you will need to do is show up at mealtimes.  When you go camping, you will need to bring everything you will need in ice chests.  You’ll need utensils and cookware and you’ll need a way to clean and prepare any meals.  You’re responsible for cleaning up before and after.  By the time you finish, it will be time for another meal!  If you choose to find your own food in the wild, you will need to know the area’s regulations and then hope to find something to eat as often as you feel hungry.  Plan ahead or don’t, it’s all a mess.

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