Gourmet Breakfast or Continental

Every bed and breakfast has a special routine and a unique style for mealtimes.  You can generally choose between gourmet, traditional, or continental style breakfasts when you’re picking which b&b to stay with.


When you choose to stay with a ‘gourmet’ bed and breakfast, you will usually get full-service breakfast made from fresh ingredients and unique recipes.  With a quick search you can also find b&bs that provide vegetarian and vegan meals, occasionally upon request.  When you choose to go gourmet, you will definitely pay the difference, but with good reviews and recommendations you can come across some unforgettable meals and dining experiences.  Depending on the location and the amount you spend per night, you can get this gourmet meal in a special environment.


A traditional meal usually consists of family-style dishes, buffet-style or a set menu.  Also, depending on the location, you can find specialty meals and local cuisine.  Traditional meals are the best way to go if you’re looking for some place that is family-friendly, but is also a special experience.  The options and laid back atmosphere are usually best for young children.  Although, this is a great option, it is important to make sure you know what you’re getting, especially for when you are comparing prices.  Some of the more traditional bed and breakfasts only offer breakfast but some others will offer other meals too.  Keep that in mind when booking.


A continental breakfast is usually light and minimal.  It consists of coffee, juice, a few types of pastries, and occasionally hot cereal or bacon.  This is the best option for the come and go type of vacationer.  If you’re wanting to explore and see the sights of the location when you’re not sleeping this is all you’ll really need.  If you’re planning to have most of your meals while you’re out and about, but you want to grab a quick bite before you’re out the door in the morning, this will be a great option for you and your family on your next vacation.  These bed and breakfasts will usually be moderately priced.

Be sure you know your options when looking to book a vacation with a bed and breakfast.  Food is one of the biggest expenses on a vacation, so be sure you account for eating out or included meals within your b&b nightly rate.  The convenience sometimes comes at a costly price, but sometimes it is actually more affordable!  Do you research so you can take charge of your vacation and your budget.

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