Why choose a B&B?

When should you choose a B&B and when should you choose a modern hotel?

Bed and breakfasts are great for an intimate trip that has a calm and carefree feel.  You don’t have as many choices or decisions to make while you’re on vacation.  You essentially just show up for meals, eat, and move on to whatever activities are available around the facility.  B&Bs don’t require as much work in the end.  Everything is planned and ready for you when you arrive.  You can communicate with your host and let them know your preferences, but most of the time you will be a guest treated like you’re visiting a friend.  Just chill and let them take care of you.

When you choose to stay in a hotel, you will know exactly what you get and for exactly what price.  Things are a little more fast-paced and organized so it’s easy to come and go and make plans for activities on your own time.  Most hotels only require you to check in at the beginning of your stay and check out at the end so for the rest of the time you can go in and out of your room without missing events or meals.  Basically, you’re on your own.  For some people this is appealing, for others its a burden not welcome on vacation.  If you are wanting a fun-filled vacation visiting theme parks, beaches, and museums, eating out at different and unique restaurants, you’ll be best suited with a hotel.  It’s much easier to explore your vacation location and see new places if you’re not on the schedule of a B&B owner.

Ask yourself if you want to be pampered and have your vacation planned out or if you want to be in charge and plan on your own.  It all depends on the kind of vacation you are looking for and for whom you are spending it with.  Sometimes it even depends on your personality!

Bed and Breakfast Settings

Gourmet Breakfast or Continental

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